Access Control System:

The Controller, AD-CTR-2-V.1

Each AD-CTR-2-V.1 controller is able to support two card readers and/or two numeric keypads using different types of technologies including proximity, smart R/W cards, biometrics, magnetic stripe and bar code. It is capable of controlling one door being configured as 'IN' & 'OUT' (with readers/keypads on each side of a single door) or two separate doors with only one reader/keypad for the non-secure side.

Distributed Processing Technology

The Controller is used the Distributed Processing technology that the access authorization is being determined by the programmed parameters contained in the controllers memory. The memory is able to store the parameters of 7,500 card holders' and access control database in memory for the present version1.0.

The Controller will be upgraded to store the programmed parameters of 10,000 card holders and the entire access control database in memory for the next version that is expected to come within this year. Since each card holder has a unique identification card or PIN, it is possible to restrict or grant access to each door according to different parameters such as the day of the week and the time of day.

While in off-line operation, each Controller is able to store 4,000 events and will upload to the workstation automatically when communication between the PC is restored. All memory for the parameters of the Controller can be retained for 180 days when power failure.

Both Visual and audible feedback of the access decision are provided to each card holder using two auxiliary outputs being built-in from the reader.

Communication Protocol

The communication protocol of each Controller is using RS-485 bus that the maximum distance can be up to 1.2 kilometers. A total of 128 Controllers can be connected for one loop for Standalone version. A maximum of 12 loops can be supported for our LAN version using our AD-COM-BD-V.1. As for the PC platforms, our systems run on Win NT, Win 2000, and Win XP.

Auxiliary Relay Outputs

Each Controller comes with two Auxiliary outputs that can be served as local door alarms to report door forced open, door open too long, door unlocked, lighting control, ventilation, air conditioning. These relay outputs can be activated according to parameters being set following the schedules, events reported by the system or a combination of different logic conditions.

Point Monitoring

Each AD-CTR-02-v1.0 can monitor the state of 8 input points such as magnetic contacts, Request-to-exit push button, motion detectors, temperature sensors or any other device with dry contacts. All input points are terminated with end-of-line resistors to ensure the line integrity.

Man Trap Feature

This feature is specially being applied for sector to curb the 'follow through' or 'hold up' happenings. Any authorized card holder is not able to open the second door unless the first door is being closed while in 'Man-trap' operation or any entrance requires two doors for access.

System Expansion

As the system is expanded, the AD-CTR-02-V.1 PCB remains the same to provide flexibility and savings in the future. The controller has been designed to meet most access control and integrated point monitoring applications without expensive add-ons.

The Controller can control two access doors or be linked to a network controlling hundreds of doors. The small initial system can grow without replacing the original controllers.

The Eminence System provides users with much more than basic access control features. In its standard configuration, the system not only provides sophisticated features for the demanding and versatile installation requirements, and it complies with functionality and budgetary requirements.

Our system is of simple installation, ease of maintenance, and reliable. Thousands of installations have proved that these qualities insure continued problem free operation.

Exclusive Power Supply

The power supply of Controller provides surge protections and watchdog circuits to maintain the operation is in its highest integrity.

Memory and autonomy

All controllers maintain the access control database in memory. This means that the Controller keeps all information regarding cards, schedules, access codes and can verify access requests even when it is disconnected from the network. The memory is protected by a lithium battery maintaining data even if the usual battery backup is disconnected. Date and time are also retained by this on-board battery.

Other Features

▪ All connectors are plug-in type, reducing wiring errors and making it easy to remove for testing or service.

▪ The back-up battery is supervised and being connected to a separate independent PCB to save battery life and prevent erratic operation because of low battery or failure. Each KT-200 is burned-in for a full 48 hours of operation before it leaves the factory. Since the KT-200 uses recognized standards, it can easily upgrade existing installations that may have become outdated.

▪ The cabinet includes a key lock and with master-key provided (please specify when ordering)

High Performance

▪ Access Control System - Eminence NetWork Edition is a Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP support multi-user access control system that provides features required in the most demanding applications. It will adapt easily to your needs, allowing users to simultaneously access the system through TCP/IP being connected to the network even for remote sites.

▪ User Friendly SetUp - Easy installation procedures guide is provided during software installation. After installing the software, easy-to-follow large icons show all necessary system components.

▪ Help Menu - Help menu is provided in drop down windows and easy access to the entire manual.

▪ Visual Diagnostics - Visual diagnostics allow for viewing graphical representations of real-time status of door controllers. This is an invaluable tool displaying component status by controller.

▪ Acknowledgement Required - This screen will pop up whenever an event requires an acknowledgement (i.e. alarm, communication failed, etc.).

▪ Historical Reports - The software offers extensive reporting capability, with customizable filters.

▪ Automatic Output Data - The Automatic output data function at a pre-defined interval, 0.5 an hour, 1 hour etc., allows interfacing with third parties programs for Time & Attendance and Payroll Applications. The output files can be in Text and Excel format for easy processing.

▪ Day Pass, Temporary and Special Cards Issue - This function allows the users to issue different types of cards that are not for permanent purpose.

▪ Auto Systems Backups - This functions allow the operator to backup the systems automatically in a pre-defined time, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month.

▪ Manual Overrides & Automatic Overrides - Pre-defined of manual or scheduled, commonly used functions that can lock, unlock doors, reset relays; or shunt and reset central points.

Specifications and System Capacities

AC Power

12V AC for Battery Charger Board, 12V DC at 3A

Number of Cards

7,500 at present
10,000 three months later

Battery back-up

1 gel type batteries 12V, 7AH provide operation for 12 hours

Card families or site codes


Cabinet measurements

300(H) X 300(W) X 150(D); 20mm knock-outs. - 4 nos. Two keys with one lock.

Door controllers, AD-CTR-02-V.1



6kg (13.8 lbs)

Card Readers


Operating temperatures

From -10ºC to 70ºC, at 90ºC non condensing humidity




Z80- 6Mhz, with watchdog circuit

Monitored points (inputs)


Reader technologies

Proximity, Weigand, magnetic, Smart R/W, Biometrics, bar code, keypads and others.

Form C relay


Reader maximum distance

100 meters (500 feet) from Controller

Auxiliary outputs for reader LEDs and door alarms


P.I.N. confirmation

At each reader equipped with keypad

Elevator floors per cab

to be advised later

Monitor points

8 monitor points, NO/NC, supervised by end-of-line resistors (included).



Points maximum wiring

600 meters (2,000 feet) - AWG#22

Card user access levels

250 per gateway

Door strike power

Supplied by the Battery Charger Board.(included) 12V DC maximum at 3A.

Access level combination


Auxiliary outputs

12V DC, 10A maximum with LED light indicator.

Schedules of 7 time zones each

15 Schedule per door

Control relays

2 relays, 12V DC, 10A maximum with LED light indicator



Tamper switch

Normally closed

Supervisor levels


Commuunications Ports

RS232, and RS485

Operator workstations

TCP/IP Addressable

Communication speeds

9,600 bauds/second

Remote Loops

12 loops

Internal memory

Maintained by lithium battery

System operator passwords


Network autonomy

Distributed data and processing

Operator security levels


Concurrent operator languages

Chinese & English

Number of Printers


AD-MCU-4/8 - 32bit Micro Controller and AD-RIU Reader Interface Boards

▪ 'Eminence' Ssytem consists of 1 MCU Central Controller which can connect 1~8 RIU and 1 or 2 readers to each RIU.

▪ 4 or 8 doors Controller for option; 2 readers for each door In/Out control.

▪ Each MCU contains 1 Alarm relay output, 1 external Sensor, 1 Case Sensor & 1 LED indicator.

▪ Each RIU contains 1 Door relay, 1 Door Sensor & 1 Request-to-Exit Button.

▪ Standard RS-232/485 communication interface; Auto Detection of data transfer errors.

▪ Auto alert when memory is full.

▪ Backup battery for 30 days of data preservation during blackout.

▪Backup battery for 30 days of data preservation during blackout.

▪ 128 sets of Team Authorization; each Team Authorization contains 4 Time Zones.

▪ Duplicate Card Check; Appointed Digits Check; Team Check.

▪ 10,000 Card Holders & 10,000 events (expandable up to 100,000).

▪ Anti-Passback function available.

▪ Fire Alarm Actuation.

AD-MCU-4/8 -32bit Micro Controller Specifications




128K SRAM, 2M Flash Rom

Relay Output


Sensor Input

2 (External Sensor x 1, Case Sensor x 1)



Communication Interface

RS485/232 x 1 to MCU ; RS485 x 1 to RIU

Operating Power

AC24V / DC12V 1A

Power Consumption


Baud Rate


Operating Temperature

-10 degrees ~55 degrees C

Relative Humidity

20%~95%(no condensing)


190mm(L) x 99mm(W) x 26mm(H)


190mm(L) x 99mm(W) x 26mm(H)



AD-RIU Reader Interface Boarder Specifications

Relay Output

1 Door Relay

Sensor Input

2 Sensor (Door Sensor x 1 Push Button Sensor x 1)

Operating Power

DC12V 1A

Power Consumption


Baud Rate


Operating Temperature

-10degrees~55 degrees C

Relative Humidity

20%~95%(no condensing)


61mm(L) x 94mm(W) x 22mm(H)



Access Controller: C3-400

▪ Multiple hardware protection measure There are over-current protection, over-voltage protection, reversal protection for the power supply and all the input and output terminal.

▪ Integration with Other Security Systems C3-400 can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, fire alarm, BAS(building automation system) and other systems to configure total security system.

▪ Supports different Wiegand reader The controller support different wiegand format, and can Connect to different reader, including ID card reader, Mifare card reader and HID reader etc.

▪ Input/Output Ports to Control Doors connect with variety of sensors, alarms, exit buttons, electric lock and other devices.

▪ Variety of Communication Function using either serial or TCP/IP communication, it provides reliable network system

▪ B/S structure software: It is easy to manage the system by browser from client PC.

▪ Normal open after first punch card can be setup

▪ Real-time Monitoring of Door status Using the management software, it allows real-time monitoring and control of door opening and closing of the whole system.

▪ Simple Access Control System Configuration

▪ Interlock function Link different doors with special logic that one door is Open, others should be closed.

▪ Multi-card operation This function is used to manage visitors or to manage some special high secure place. The doors are opened when appointed number registered cards are read together.

▪ Anti-Passback

▪ Duress Mode



32bit MIPS CPU


32M bits

Flash Memory

256M bits



Event Buffer



DC 9.6V-14.4V, Rated Max.1A

Reader Port

4 each (26bit Wiegand, 8bit Burst for PIN)



Baud Rate

38,400bps (Recommended) / 9600bps, 19,200bps, 57,600bps (selectable)

Input Port

12ea (Exit Button#1, Exit Button#2, Button#3, Button#4, Door Sensor#1, Door Sensor#2, Door Sensor#3, Door Sensor#4, Aux#1, Aux#2, Aux#3, Aux#4)

Output Port

4ea (4 FORM-C Relay Output, SPDT 5A@36VDC/8A@30VAC) 4ea (4 Aux FORM-C Relay Output, SPDT 2A@30VDC)

LED Indicator

Yes, LED indication for communication, power, status and punch card

Operating Temperature

0ºC to +55ºC

Operating Humidity

10% to 80% relative humidity non-condensing

Dimension (L*W)mm

218(W)*106(H)(single board ) 345(W)*275(H)*70(D)(with power supply and metal box)

Locking Hardware

Electro-magnetic locks

These solid construction electro magnetic locks will provide years of maintenance free operation. Dual voltage (12-24VDC) operation and up to 680kg (1500lbs) of holding force fits most requirements. The supervised option provides lock status information (locked or unlocked) and will detect reduced holding force due to the presence of materials between magnet and armature or, power loss.

Electric Door Strikes

Commercial and industrial rated door strikes that can withstand the traffic involved with access control applications. They are tested to 500,000 cycles. These strikes are fail lock (fail secure) for free exit application. Do not use to control egress. Can be used with cylindrical, narrowline and mortise locks with centerline latch entry. The strikes are listed under UL10B(Fire rated), UL1034, ANSI/BHMA E09321 and New York City MEA 404-91-M.

Access Control Management Software

A&D is proud to present its newest software, Access Control Management, which have already been popularly demanded and successfully installed for numerous corporations. The software offers unique features including, auto-checking of newly imported files, authorization of setting per user account, comprehensive system log management to increase system's security, and communication server and database can be installed and operated by a separate server. In order to provide supreme service, A&D guarantees the software to have maximized system scalability; stability, performance and various reports will be available for printing including the user defined reports.

The following are a brief summary of the Access Control Management software, for more information, please contact our representative office.

▪ Total monitoring on one screen

▪ All in one screen display of event status, alarm status, controller status

▪ Real time monitoring of door access and alarm event

▪ Intelligent access control by cardholder, group, holiday and time schedule

▪ Automatic card expiration by date

▪ User defined access control report

▪ User defined input/output relation

▪ Data export in Excel and Text file format

▪ Event report export to Excel and Text file format

▪ Data import in Excel format

▪ Work holiday, work time / break time definition by cardholder

▪ User define door unlocking time interval

▪ Upload/Download IDs, Lock Type, Door Open Time

▪ Real time event sending with Message Queue

▪ Maximum of 10 level groups per cardholder

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