Alarm Systems

A&D has over 50 models of fire and security detection devices, each reflecting the highest standards for quality, performance and long term reliability.

The following are some models offered in A&D, for more details please contact our representative office at + 852 2499 1118, or email us at

AMS-220 Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

AMB-300 Passive Infrared Motion Detector

BRAVO2, 3 and 4 passive infrared Motion Detectors

BRAVO5 Ceiling-mount passive infrared motion detector

BRAVO6 Duel Element Passive Infrared motion detectors

FORCE 2 Dual Technology Motion Detectors



"DOWNLOOK" is the ideal solution for all business and residential environments which require visual surveillance but where the presence of on-site security personnel is impossible, undesirable or unaffordable. It's the smart and inexpensive way to add visual backup to your regular remote alarm signaling system, meeting your demand for strict security on a tight budget.

Reduce False Alarms

In some communities, false alarms have become so common that police will not respond without verification that an emergency exists. Downlook not only provides your monitoring station with the necessary visual images to verify an alarm, but high quality images can also assist police in their investigations (and even be used as evidence).

Reduce Surveillance Costs

Using on-site security guards may make sense in some situations if immediate human intervention is deemed necessary to protect lives or property. But using the same guards for 24 hour surveillance purposes is exceptionally expensive and can rarely be rationalized. By comparison, using Downlook for surveillance purposes is extremely cost efficient. In fact, it can pay for itself in a matter of weeks on labour savings alone. And equally important, Downlook can be programmed so that certain sensors and devices can activate specific alarms, to ensure the right emergency training is immediately summoned.

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