An intercom, as the name implies, is a communication system that can be used within a building or a net collection of small buildings within the intercom's reception range. It is not reliant on any public service(s) to convey any communication between two individuals or more; hence it is ideal for private usage.

There are various types of intercoms, each of which has its own special feature making itself unique from the rest. The following are a brief list and summary of the intercoms which A&D supports. For more details on each product, please contact us.


The model C-123L/A has an integrated chime within the intercom's hardware and is usually placed outside of the entrance of a building. A visitor and the owner can communicate with one another via the intercom without having to be in face-to-face; firstly, the visitor will have to activate the chime by pressing onto the call button, and a reply will be made by the owner from the inside unit.

MK-1MD/A and MY-2CD

The models MK-1MD/A and MY-2CD both have an integrated chime, handset, a small video display which is interconnected with a surveillance camera which is positioned at the entrance of building in order to monitor the visitor. The video display is an excellent feature because it can ensure the owner's safety by giving a general idea whether or not the stranger is a dangerous imposter or safe. When the owner decides to answer the call, he/she can use the provided handset for audio communication with the visitor.


The models LEF and PANTILT are very similar to MK-1MD/A and MY-2CD, except it has one more unique feature; there can be more than one intercom installed within one building and audio communication can be taken place with every resident just by the use of this device.

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