Simplex ATT

The SIMPLEX ATT (Alarmed Tripod Turnstile) has the same unique alarm sensors technology which enables the turnstile to detect false and/or improper passages as the SENTINEL ATT.


The design of our turnstiles are reliable, durable, aesthetic, versatile and functional elegance has always been combined to blend in tastefully with any interior decoration, meeting any unique needs of commercial, industrial and financial applications. Moreover, our products excel in providing convenient access, simple installation, low-cost operation and service facilitating any management needs. Our fully automated two-way flows control tripod turnstiles are designed with a long passageway for security, control human traffic flows, and attendance applications, preventing any attempt of users to jump over or go around the long cabinet. While integrating with any card systems, the throughput of our turnstiles is capable of at a rate of 40 users per minute on one-way human traffic flows. There are three types of tripod turnstiles being available in our company. The series are 'The Elegance', The Bridge' and 'The Butterfly'.

Operations & Functions

Watchdog & Fault Alarm Feature:

The Watchdog system is to monitor each arm of the tripod is in normal operation and positioning when each time power up the turnstile. A built-in buzzer will sound and warning signal will be shown in the LED informing the operator in case of fault is found, including dislocation or damage of any arms.

Selectable One-way or Two-way Flows Control Operation Modes:

There are three modes of operation for our turnstiles: - Two-way flows control that means each user is restricted access on both directions and has to identify their access rights before granting. - One-way flows control, the operations can be differentiated in two operation modes: a. One-way flows control, 'Control', mode and the other way is 'Restricted' mode. b. One-way flows control, 'Control', mode and the other way is 'Release' mode. The change of operation modes is attained through the provided programming module inside the turnstile.

'Auto-drop Arm' & 'Auto-erect Arm' Features:

'Auto-drop Arm' feature is to drop each arm of the tripod automatically while power failure or in case of emergency, meeting the safety requirements. 'Auto-erect Arm' feature is each arm will erect and rotate one round (360 degrees) automatically while power up the turnstile for easy operation and watchdog purpose respectively.

Standard Interfacing Protocol:

The interfacing of our turnstiles with other third party systems are available in different standard formats, facilitating the flows control to be achieved by numerous external control devices. It can be operated through a 'Request-to-release' push button or the card system control devices that our turnstiles support almost any type of different technologies, including proximity, smart card and toll fare systems.

'Counter' & 'Two-way LED' Feature:

By implementing our provided 'Counter', the user is able to be informed and given an accurate figure on the total numbers of passengers had been passing through the turnstile within the specified time zone. This feature is to facilitate the statistics of the management needs and to inform the operator the optimum capacity is reached for some applications. 'Two-way LED' feature is to inform each passenger their access is valid or invalid. While a valid access being triggered by either third party or operator, the LED will change the display from 'CROSS' in read to 'ARROW' in green informing the access is permitted. As for an invalid access triggering, the 'CROSS' in red LED will be stayed and remained unchanged to inform the passenger the access is denied.

Override Switch:

The override Switch is to drop or erect each arm of the turnstile upon anytime pressing. This feature provides more flexibilities for the operator to ease their operation in some special cases, for instance, peak-time or VIP access that requires to interrupt the normal operation mode shortly.

'Left-hand Access', 'Right-hand Access' Configurations:

'Left-hand Access' & 'Right-hand Access' Operation : Facing against the turnstile, the pointer locators to the left of the tripod is in 'Left-hand' Access' Configuration and vise versa for the 'Right-hand Access' configuration.

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