Traffic Signboard: LED Message Display Signboard


Each signboard consists of 12 numbers of LED Controllers arraying on 4 X 3 basis. Furthermore, each Controller plugs with 32 numbers of LEDs dot matrix modules arraying on a 8 X 4 basis. All LEDs selected for this project were of the same grading in terms of brightness, assuring the uniformity of brightness.

Each LED dot matrix module comes along with a PCB back plate for electronics control purpose to switch 'ON/OFF' or change of colour for each LED, forming a dot matrix pattern to conform into a either Chinese or English character then a message for displaying. Any message are able to be changed according to the desire of the operator using the system's software linking up with a wireless LAN configuration.

Connecting all 32 numbers of LED dot matrix modules to a PCB Controller that is the 'brain' of the system's hardware. This Control is to send and receive commands to the PCB modules and from the PC's software respectively. With the change of the commands, it shows different types of dot-matrix pattern resulting in different messages.

There is an interfacing card being connected between the Controller and the Wireless LAN and it is for use of changing data format in communication between our system's hardware and software.

The communication between the signboards and the note book PC is through a wireless LAN configuration. The note book PC is equipped and installed with our system's software that provides varies functions, facilitating the requirements of users' operations.

The wireless LAN configuration contains of one LAN transmitter for each signboard and one receiver for the note book PC. The LAN transmitter is connected to the PC located inside each signboard carrying with a independent IP address for LAN communication purpose. An independent IP address allows the change of data for a designated signboard without interference to one another.

Our system's software can be installed in the note book PC supports LAN configuration. It allows any upload and download of data for any one signboard for future operations.

The remote control transmitter for changing the operation mode we provided is of elegance design, hand held and battery operated consisting of different buttons with engraved labeling for easy operations.

The signboards are equipped with a powder coating finished metallic casing and the measurements as well as the total weight are around 2.3m X 850mm X 300mm and 200 lbs respectively.

The optical transparency front cover is made of a one-piece design using a acrylic plate integrating into a anti-reflective film. With the special characteristics of the film, the matt finishing deters reflection of lights from the existing fixtures and the optical transparency is guaranteed of no degradation on LEDs' brightness, resulting in an attractive contrast to enhance the visibility of LED messages.

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