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The following provides a brief description of A&D's Wireless CCTV system project that has been completed for the Hong Kong international airport.

The Principle of installing a Wireless & Portable CCTV Systems is to strengthen the security control of unauthorized third-party access where hard wiring is impossible for certain locations. The Wireless & Portable CCTV Systems being installed comprises of Integrated camera units, Wireless Transceivers and Digital Video Servers (DVSs) to facilitate the real time monitoring and recording at 25 frames per second of each video channel. As for the Wireless Transceivers, it is o 11g class to transmit video images and Pan Tilt Zoom control signals from the camera ends to the DVSs. Furthermore, these DVSs are all connected to the LAN of our client to facilitate the Remote real-time Monitoring function with the installation of our 'Remote Monitoring' program.

A&D's Wireless CCTV Systems include:

▪ High Resolution Day/Night Mode Cameras with 6X Optical zoom Lens.

▪ 1/3" Color cameras with 6X optical zoom lens are being installed inside the aluminum casing.

▪ High resolution of color 480 TV lines with day/night operation mode that the images will be changed to mono-chrome automatically while the environment's illumination is less than 0.5 Lux.

▪ An Auto-iris 6X optical zoom lens is equipped with each camera to facilitate the depth of view of or magnifying images. The control of zoom function is in digital format and being controlled by the DVSs.

Wireless Transceivers

▪ More than 20 sets of 11g Wireless Transceivers are being installed at the camera ends. Each camera is equipped with a Wireless transceivers to facilitate a two-way digital video and control data transmission via wireless media.

▪ Each wireless Transceiver is of 11g standard and attains international certification to provide a wide bandwidth being required to transmit video data.

▪ The Ni-mh Batteries Charger PCBs

▪ A Ni-mh Quick Charger PCB is installed at the casing of the camera end. These Charger PCBs are designed by in-house being tailored-made to suit the requirements of this project.

▪ Each Charger PCB is to facilitate charging of two packs of Ni-mh Batteries and it will switch to batteries operated on-line automatically while power failure. On-line means there is no fraction of a second of delay to jeopardize the operation of the entire CCTV Systems.

▪ The PCBs are of IC implemented to provide three outputs of 17.5V DC @1.5A, 5V DC @ 2Aand 12V DC @ 1A, facilitating the charging of batteries and operations of CCTV equipments.

▪ With the on-line function of our tailored-made charger PCBs, users are able to charge and operate the Wireless & Portable CCTV Systems at any location and at any time inside the Hanger at their convenience.

▪ Pan, Tilt & Zoom Control PCB This P/T/Z Control PCB is to perform the required control functions while receiving data signals from the DVR. The P/T/Z Control PCB is installed that the location is same as Charger PCBs above.

▪ Two Packs of Ni-mh Batteries each 13AH @12V DC

▪ There are more than 50 packs of Ni-mh Batteries being installed at the location that is same a Charger PCBs above. Each trolley contains of 2 packs of batteries.

▪ Each pack of Ni-mh battery are of re-chargeable type and the rating is 12V DC @1.3A.

▪ Each pack of batteries composes of 10 pieces of 1.2V DC Ni-mh batteries being connected in series to provide a power supply for the equipments that shall be operated non-stop for 10 hours.

▪ H.264 Video Server

▪ Digital Video Servers with H.264 Video formats are being installed in the same location that is same as the Charger PCBs.

▪ The 'Prominence' brand Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

▪ The 'Prominence' brand DVR Enterprise Class Server is another one of our in-house developed products that is made in Mainland China and being assembled in Hong Kong and a total of more than three DVRs are being installed for this project. It is state of the art design at present using H.264 most advanced digital video technology as well as both hardware & software compression to ease the large bandwidth requires for transmitting video signals. The operation of our DVR Server is of duplex that means the operator is able to see the recording images on one hand and simultaneously the recording on all 'Live' images for every channel will not be interrupted. The recording of images can be of full frame rate at 25 fps for every camera that means a total of 400 frames per second for 16 video channels can be achieved.

▪ Our DVR Server carries with a maximum of 16-channel video inputs and is LAN Supports as well as multi-cast access by users using our 'Client' program. The DVR software side performs more than the full functions of a analogue multiplexer that the display of video channels can be selected at Single Picture, 2X2, 3X3 & 4X4 format. P/T/Z controls for various brands Speed Domes are as well being incorporated to facilitate two types of Speed Domes being integrated into our DVR Server.

▪ Our 'Client' program provides any users to view 'Live' or 'Playback' at a full frame rate of 25 frames per second for 4-channel or 16-channel video for Remote Monitoring application. As stated, a smooth stream of video signals can be seen through your LAN with the great help of the new H.264 technology. Multiple users access simultaneously is supported.

▪ The 'Playback' of recording images can be clipped and exported via e-mail by selecting a desire time sequence of the file that can be of 5 seconds to 5 hours. 'Water Mark' & 'Time Stamp' functions are included in our DVR to prevent fraudulent or fake records. Furthermore, the 'Playback' files can be viewed via a standard Windows 'Media Players' for our interfacing program has been incorporated into our program.

▪ Video and Signal Surge Arresters

▪ There are two types of Sure Arresters are being installed to protect the damages of our equipment by means of thunder and rainstorms. They are the Video Surge Arresters & Data Surge Arresters. Please contact us for details of this advanced and amazing Wireless CCTV Systems.

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